Mar 21, 2008

Spam Killer : Use Disposable Email Address

Checking for emails in your mail account filled with spam can be a real productivity killer. While registering on any website, you are almost always required to provide your email id. But on some sites you wouldn't really like doing it for the fear of lifetime of junk mail and spam. Or in some "cases" you might wish to hide your actual identity. I would rather have a use and throw or disposable email id for websites that require one time confirmation and thereafter I am not concerned whatever emails they send to my account.

A disposable email address can be used for several reasons.

  • You want to use a service on a web site that requires a confirmation through email, and you know that this site will sell your address to third parties; with a disposable email address, you can confirm the link that was sent, yet you won't receive any advertisement that would be sent afterwards.
  • You want to participate in a forum, and receive replies through email, yet you don't want your email address to be gathered by robots. Thus the robots will only get the disposable address, and you won't receive any ads.

Here is a list of services along with their features that allow you to have disposable email id: : Creating an account is fairly simple. Just provide any email id like in a forum or while registering on a website and there after check your email account at No sign-up, you don't even have to tell Mailinator you're coming. You can check mailbox on the site via RSS, via a widget!, or via your web browser. After a few hours, all mails sent to mailinator will be auto-deleted. There's no password. The email name itself is the only key you need to get in. So, try picking unusual name for privacy reasons. You can't forward mail from mailinator to other email accounts. : This service is very much similar to mailinator and interface is very intuitive too. : I am really impressed by the way this service works.To avoid spam, provides you with a temporary email address. As soon as it is created, all the emails sent to this address are forwarded to your actual email address. Your antispam address will be deactivated after the lifespan you selected comes to its end.It really deserves a try. Oh, did I tell you that this service has got a firefox extension too. And it works awsome : Just right click on email address text box/field inside the web page, click on "get jetable mail" and it autofills that field!

4.Guerrilla Mail : The service is very different from above trio. To get a disposable email id, you first have to visit their site. On the home page, there appears a temporary email id which you can use as disposable email id. The id itself expires after 15 minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.

Other similar services that came to my notice are, but haven't given them a try. Of all the above services, I think I will stay with
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Mar 16, 2008

How to copy and paste text online ?

I often come across situations when I need to send a large text file to someone. I really don't like switching to email for this purpose. I would rather send the long text using IM. But what if text is too long and also text formatting in IM is not preserved. Here are the three applications that you can use to copy text online via internet.

1.Textsnip - Paste in your text and you get a URL that you can give to anyone… when they go there, bam!Your nicely formatted text. You can also create account to keep track of your textsnip links. It is absolutely free to use and no sign-up required to get started. Here are the possible reasons to use textsnip:

  • STOP losing your clean, tabbed format.
  • EASILY paste code examples in to a blog, forum, or any website.
  • DON'T breakup text over 10 different Instant Messages due to character limits.
  • SIMPLE text sharing without the use of E-mail.
  • CLEAN display of code in the nice, color-coded format that it was meant for.
  • CREATE an easy to remember custom url.

2. Pastebin - Patebin promotes itself as a collaborative debugging tool i.e. you can use it to share your programming code written in different programming languages, and preserving indentation thereby. Here are the main highlights :
  • When you view a post, you have the opportunity of editing the text - this creates a new post but when you view it, you'll be given a 'diff' link which allows you to compare the changes between the old and the new version. This is a powerful feature, great for seeing exactly what lines someone changed.
  • It allows to specify the time your post should be retained : a day, a month, or forever.
  • You get a private pastebin simply by thinking up a domain name no-one else is using, e.g. Posts made into a sub-domain only show up on that domain. This in my opinion is the most interesting feature to use.
3. - This service is different
from above duo in the sense that it accepts from you to provide a URL that starts with and then you can paste anything you want. The site is powered by Clipboard Core. Clipboard Core is a web-based service that you install in your network. Once installed, you can enter in any URL. Once the clipboard core is setup there is no other client software to install. The service is available for a 30 day evaluation period only . Users can collaborate on a document by adding their comments. The add-on is that you can upload your files over 2 MB if you don't feel like copying entire text.

Mar 8, 2008

YouTube URL hack : Watch videos at higher resolution

If you are unimpressed by the substandard quality of videos available at YouTube11, think again since it may no longer hold true. Youtube videos till now could be watched only at a resolution of 320x240. Now if you just append &fmt=6 at the end of video's url, the resolution increases to 448x336! Add &fmt=18 and get an mp4 encoded video and 480X360 resolution!! However there exists an obvious trade-off between video quality and its bandwidth. So be sure, what you want to prioritize.

If the video's url is


simply append &fmt=6 at the end of url as

and you get 448x336 resolution video.

Check out one such 480X360 resolution video :

Related : Check out the Greasemonkey script22 to download high resolution videos.

The trick seems to work with newly posted videos.

Mar 2, 2008

Auto customise your folders with icons

If you like tweaking your system as I do, you certainly would have given a thought to putting custom icons on your more frequently used folders sometime. Someone has aptly said pictures say more than words. I often used to manually pickup the custom icons for some folders on my windows until...

... I discovered IconAnyFolder which automates this job!

Mostly, to pick an icon for a folder, you go to the only .exe in the folder, or the only .exe with an embedded icon, or the only .ico in the folder, and select it as your folder icon. It is a repeated, mechanical process, something that can be handled with a simple program. This is exactly what IconAnyFolder does.

IconAnyFolder has an option to loop recursively into sub directories, so specifying just the parent directory automatically processes all the sub directories, sub-sub directories and so on. There is an option to undo icons in case you wish to.

Now I can have all of the sub folders in my games start menu to have the actual icon for the game.

Requirements : Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Mar 1, 2008

Appear 'idle' on Gtalk! Keep annoyers at bay

If you use Google talk, users can't decide when their status changes to idle and back. The result is everyone on your messenger's list knows whether or not you are on computer. This limitation is overcome by third party tool
gAlwaysIdle which provides you option to stay idle even while you are on desktop. Happy IMing!

gAlwaysIdle[via thinktechno]

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