Mar 8, 2008

YouTube URL hack : Watch videos at higher resolution

If you are unimpressed by the substandard quality of videos available at YouTube11, think again since it may no longer hold true. Youtube videos till now could be watched only at a resolution of 320x240. Now if you just append &fmt=6 at the end of video's url, the resolution increases to 448x336! Add &fmt=18 and get an mp4 encoded video and 480X360 resolution!! However there exists an obvious trade-off between video quality and its bandwidth. So be sure, what you want to prioritize.

If the video's url is


simply append &fmt=6 at the end of url as

and you get 448x336 resolution video.

Check out one such 480X360 resolution video :

Related : Check out the Greasemonkey script22 to download high resolution videos.

The trick seems to work with newly posted videos.

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