Mar 2, 2008

Auto customise your folders with icons

If you like tweaking your system as I do, you certainly would have given a thought to putting custom icons on your more frequently used folders sometime. Someone has aptly said pictures say more than words. I often used to manually pickup the custom icons for some folders on my windows until...

... I discovered IconAnyFolder which automates this job!

Mostly, to pick an icon for a folder, you go to the only .exe in the folder, or the only .exe with an embedded icon, or the only .ico in the folder, and select it as your folder icon. It is a repeated, mechanical process, something that can be handled with a simple program. This is exactly what IconAnyFolder does.

IconAnyFolder has an option to loop recursively into sub directories, so specifying just the parent directory automatically processes all the sub directories, sub-sub directories and so on. There is an option to undo icons in case you wish to.

Now I can have all of the sub folders in my games start menu to have the actual icon for the game.

Requirements : Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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