Apr 27, 2008

How to download Yahoo Messenger Offline Installer directly?

There is no way of installing Yahoo Messenger offline. It requires you to be online till setup is complete and if you loose connection midway, there is no way to resume installation. This is mine one of the most compelling reasons for not using Yahoo Messenger. This means every time I format my computer, I have to download it....there is no way I can have a copy of its setup. I have to go to Internet, download that 'partial installer' which finally installs it.

But with a little hack, you can download setup file directly and install it offline. Simply prefix the file name of online installer file with 'y'.

The URL for downloading yahoo messenger online installer is:


To download full complete standalone installer setup file directly, use this URL:


Here is the direct download link. See how the name 'msgr8us' near the end of link is changed to 'ymsgr8us'. The trick works with all versions of yahoo messenger. Happy IMing!

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Download other offline installers:


How to save Yahoo Chat log online?

How to Login Mutilple Google Accounts at once?

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Apr 20, 2008

How to convert large pdf into plain text

You often need to extract plain text from a large PDF. For example, my mobile phone's(Ktech K880) Ebook Reader doesn't provide support for PDF format. It only supports TXT format. If the PDF file size is large , simple copy and pasting text is often a hassle and barely feasible. After googling and carefully reviewing the various options of converting PDF into text, I settled with A-PDF Text Extractor.

A-PDF Text Extractor is an utility designed to extract text from Adobe PDF files. The program is a standalone application. No Adobe Acrobat needed. The program is freeware, which means that you can use it either personally or commercially for free.

Requirement: Windows 98/NT4/Me/2000/XP

For Mac users:

You can convert the pdf files into text online with PDFTextOnline. Here, you first upload a PDF document. PDFTextOnline extracts the first 10 pages of the PDF, returned to your browser using AJAX technologies, and is rendered in your browser in real-time. If you then browse beyond the first ten pages, PDFTextOnline will again extract another 10 pages of PDF text, which is returned to your browser and used to update the PDF document view already in place.

Extracted text can be saved: Just click the 'Save All Text' after you have uploaded your PDF document. Further, font and page layout can be adjusted while browsing pages online.

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Apr 15, 2008

How to save Yahoo and MSN chat log online

Almost every one of us has an account with both Yahoo and Google. And, you probably use both Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk to stay in touch with buddies. Unlike Yahoo ,Google offers the web-based version of Google Talk . But you can also get web IM for Yahoo using services like Meebo, or ebuddy . These services though don't provide any online space to store your yahoo chat log specifically( Yahoo chat log while using Yahoo Messenger is stored locally. Hence you can't access your yahoo chat log when you login from another computer). So, there is no way you can access it while on the move. But don't loose your heart.... Google comes to your rescue again.

With Google Talk, conversations are archived and stored inside Gmail in the same manner as emails. This allows users to search within their chat logs easily. It would be great if I can transport all my Yahoo contacts to Google Talk so that all my Yahoo buddies are also visible in Gmail chat window. This way I can chat with Yahoo buddies while still in Gmail and therefore, all Yahoo chat log can be stored in Gmail and my purpose of accessing chat logs from anywhere is fulfilled. Now the billion dollar question : How could it be possible to transfer Yahoo contacts to Google Talk. Here is a nice tutorial which will guide you through this process.

The set up process requires cross platform Jabber client Psi and is a one time set up process( i.e. you can uninstall Psi after you have transferred the contacts). The similar process applies to your MSN/AIM contacts.


Q:Where is Yahoo chat log stored by default?

A:Yahoo Messenger saves chat log at C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles\your Yahoo! ID\Archive\Messages.

Q:If I uninstall Yahoo Messenger, will I lose my chat logs or call history?

A:No, provided you set this option:
Messenger->Preferences->Archive->Yes, save all of my messages or call history.

Update: Here is how to save your any IM’s chat log in Dexrex online account. Dexrex detects any popular IM client running on your desktop and gives a choice to link with the running IM client which then monitors your chat conversations and stores them in your online account at dexrex.

Apr 13, 2008

Login Multiple Google Accounts at once

If you maintain multiple Google Accounts at once and access Google services with multiple Accounts(For Example : I access my Gmail with an account different from the one I use for Orkut), there is a restriction that you can't login to multiple Google accounts at once from same browser. If you sign in to different Google account, you are automatically signed off from already logged in account. This restriction is mainly because an Internet browser maintain only a single set of cookies for a particular type of Account. Users typically log in by inserting their credentials into a login page; cookies allow the server to know that the user is already authenticated, and therefore is allowed to access services or perform operations that are restricted to logged-in users. Once you login with different account, those set of cookies are overwritten with cookies corresponding to newer logged in account. Can you really login multiple accounts at once?

The solution is CookiePie Firefox extension. This extension allows you to maintain more than one set of cookies so that you can use Google Services with different Google Accounts at the same time(For Example : I can now access both my Gmail and Orkut with different Google accounts simultaneously). Though, with this extension you can't login two different Gmail accounts at same time or two different Orkut accounts at same time. If I have two Gmail accounts one at abc@gmail.com and other at xyz@gmail.com, this extension doesn't facilitate you to login both of these Gmail accounts simultaneously i.e. service type(here->Gmail, and Orkut) I use at one Google account(say abc@gmail.com) has to be different from service type I use at xyz@gmail.com. With the aid of this extension, I would rather be able to use orkut at abc@gmail.com and Gmail at xyz@gmail.com at the same time. This is what I found after using it and sounds more logical too.

Another option is IE Tab Firefox Extension. This extension, however will let you login two different Gmail accounts at same time which was not possible with the CookiePie extension. This is a Firefox extension that basically allows you to run IE within Firefox. Since IE is loaded into a Firefox window, it’s still maintains it’s own separate set of cookies and therefore allows you to manage two profiles or accounts at the same time.

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