Apr 13, 2008

Login Multiple Google Accounts at once

If you maintain multiple Google Accounts at once and access Google services with multiple Accounts(For Example : I access my Gmail with an account different from the one I use for Orkut), there is a restriction that you can't login to multiple Google accounts at once from same browser. If you sign in to different Google account, you are automatically signed off from already logged in account. This restriction is mainly because an Internet browser maintain only a single set of cookies for a particular type of Account. Users typically log in by inserting their credentials into a login page; cookies allow the server to know that the user is already authenticated, and therefore is allowed to access services or perform operations that are restricted to logged-in users. Once you login with different account, those set of cookies are overwritten with cookies corresponding to newer logged in account. Can you really login multiple accounts at once?

The solution is CookiePie Firefox extension. This extension allows you to maintain more than one set of cookies so that you can use Google Services with different Google Accounts at the same time(For Example : I can now access both my Gmail and Orkut with different Google accounts simultaneously). Though, with this extension you can't login two different Gmail accounts at same time or two different Orkut accounts at same time. If I have two Gmail accounts one at abc@gmail.com and other at xyz@gmail.com, this extension doesn't facilitate you to login both of these Gmail accounts simultaneously i.e. service type(here->Gmail, and Orkut) I use at one Google account(say abc@gmail.com) has to be different from service type I use at xyz@gmail.com. With the aid of this extension, I would rather be able to use orkut at abc@gmail.com and Gmail at xyz@gmail.com at the same time. This is what I found after using it and sounds more logical too.

Another option is IE Tab Firefox Extension. This extension, however will let you login two different Gmail accounts at same time which was not possible with the CookiePie extension. This is a Firefox extension that basically allows you to run IE within Firefox. Since IE is loaded into a Firefox window, it’s still maintains it’s own separate set of cookies and therefore allows you to manage two profiles or accounts at the same time.

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  1. Nice - worked like a charm. Thanks!


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