Apr 15, 2008

How to save Yahoo and MSN chat log online

Almost every one of us has an account with both Yahoo and Google. And, you probably use both Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk to stay in touch with buddies. Unlike Yahoo ,Google offers the web-based version of Google Talk . But you can also get web IM for Yahoo using services like Meebo, or ebuddy . These services though don't provide any online space to store your yahoo chat log specifically( Yahoo chat log while using Yahoo Messenger is stored locally. Hence you can't access your yahoo chat log when you login from another computer). So, there is no way you can access it while on the move. But don't loose your heart.... Google comes to your rescue again.

With Google Talk, conversations are archived and stored inside Gmail in the same manner as emails. This allows users to search within their chat logs easily. It would be great if I can transport all my Yahoo contacts to Google Talk so that all my Yahoo buddies are also visible in Gmail chat window. This way I can chat with Yahoo buddies while still in Gmail and therefore, all Yahoo chat log can be stored in Gmail and my purpose of accessing chat logs from anywhere is fulfilled. Now the billion dollar question : How could it be possible to transfer Yahoo contacts to Google Talk. Here is a nice tutorial which will guide you through this process.

The set up process requires cross platform Jabber client Psi and is a one time set up process( i.e. you can uninstall Psi after you have transferred the contacts). The similar process applies to your MSN/AIM contacts.


Q:Where is Yahoo chat log stored by default?

A:Yahoo Messenger saves chat log at C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles\your Yahoo! ID\Archive\Messages.

Q:If I uninstall Yahoo Messenger, will I lose my chat logs or call history?

A:No, provided you set this option:
Messenger->Preferences->Archive->Yes, save all of my messages or call history.

Update: Here is how to save your any IM’s chat log in Dexrex online account. Dexrex detects any popular IM client running on your desktop and gives a choice to link with the running IM client which then monitors your chat conversations and stores them in your online account at dexrex.


  1. In Vista OS I did not find this dir.
    i found till
    C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\


  2. @Anonymous
    I guess either you have not created a profile yet or not enabled the option of saving chat log locally.

  3. If you are running Yahoo Messenger for Vista it doesn't save chat logs...

  4. in vista it's at
    C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles

  5. some of you are talking about yahoo messenger. I am wondering about when I chat directly from my yahoo email. Are those chats saved, and if so where?

  6. Hi
    I woul like to read my Yahoo chat history online without the use of gmail
    My office only supports yahoo messenger and i have to read my conversations that i made at home with my clients
    {lease help me


  7. I am wondering about when I chat directly from my yahoo email. Are those chats saved, and if so where?

  8. U guys made my day! :D i was looking for yahoo chat history and now i found it.. :D :D

  9. Is there a way to edit my msn messenger and make it automatically send the chat logs to an email address or somewhere else outside of my computer???? thanks i need help

  10. is there a way to take ur archive on the app off? like import it to ur computer?? i really want to know :(

  11. Thank you it has been a great guide, now to save yahoo and msn chat log online is without a doubt easy utilizing your tips. Thank you


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