May 11, 2008

How to place images between words in Gmail

After coming across a very interesting service on Technospot, I eagerly tried it and went on to sharing its results with friends through email. But there was a hitch midway: Gmail does not support inline images.

Google Help center says:

Google Mail doesn't currently offer the ability to attach images inline, because we don't support HTML formatting.

That made me wonder how have I been receiving those inline images in Gmail for so long. That means there must me a way out. I finally turned to Google for help: results were not satisfactory. Some results suggested downloading flock browser, then setting up Flickr account.. so on....a process too long for me. I was looking for something plain and simple which I found after digging through more pages on Google.

Here are the step by step instructions for embedding images inside Gmail:

  • Upload the image on web server using free image hosting services like MediaFire.
  • Open the image located at a web server directly in your browser.
  • Click the image with right mouse button and select View image from the menu.
  • Hit Ctrl-A; then Ctrl-C.
  • Open Gmail Compose Mail window.
  • Make sure Rich formatting is turned on in Gmail (It is ok if you see « Plain Text above editing area(see above image)).
  • Position the cursor in the editing area where you want image to appear.
  • Finally hit Ctrl-V.
That's really simple! Continue composing message.


  1. The best solution so far!

    My mistake was using the right-click "Copy Image" command in Firefox 3, which did not copy it to the clipboard in Windows XP in a "format" that Google mail accepted. It works fine for any other Windows application like "WordPad" or "Microsoft Word"

    The trick is that you must high-light the image in your brower or application and than do a standard OLE Copy ie: CTRL+C and than a standard OLE Paste, CTRL+V.

  2. ok, thx for the tips :)

  3. Bongulagundi...... Ardam avatam ledu ra


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