Jan 6, 2008

Right Click on a page and send it via Gmail

mozillaZine says:

Telling your friends about a great webpage you have found is easy. You can use Firefox to send the page itself (as HTML) or just a link. Open the page in Mozilla and select "Send Link" from the File Menu or right-click to popout the context menu. Firefox opens a new Mail Compose window that is ready to be sent in the default mail client program(For ex: Outlook Express, Thundebird). All you have to do is type your friend's e-mail address, add your personal message into the body and press send.

But You want:

I would like to see Gmail compose window open up inside firefox when I click any email hyperlink or "right-click->send link..." on web pages. How can I configure that?

It is actually very easy।

All you have to do is download the Gmail Notifier. While installing, check the option "Use for outgoing mail" . You don't need to run the notifier all time. So, uncheck the option which says "Run on startup". Now Gmail is configured as your mailto handler as long as you don't uninstall this notifier. Notice again that Gmail Notifier needn't not be running for Gmail to act as your default mailto handler. It just needs to be installed. So, you end up saving that scarce ram.

And if you use Google Talk client, you don't even need Gmail Notifier. In the general setting of Google talk, check the option which says "Open Gmail when I click on email links". Here, again Gtalk needn't be running for Gmail to act as your default mailto handler.


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