Jan 22, 2008

Excellent Freeware file recovery program - Recuva

What do you do when you accidentally delete files which don't go to even to your recycle bin. Googling for file recovery tools will return plenty of results with tools that specialize in rescuing data from a deleted partition.The prices will vary upon the recovery power of the tool.
The developers behind the very popular registry cleaning utility CCleaner have come up with another promising and reliable file recovery tool Recuva. It can't get simpler than this to get back lost files, the interface is far intuitive and simpler to use.You select the drive, press the scan button and list of files discovered during the scan will be presented to you. Clicking on file item in this list, you will be presented with the size of file and state of file: Excellent, unrecoverable, and very poor.
To gain maximum out of software and recover lost data you should attempt to recover the file immediately after the file has been deleted. The main idea is to avoid overwriting of the clusters and, by not adding new info, you will ensure just that.
With Recuva(pronounced "recover"), you can restore files that have been deleted from recycle bin, USB device, digital camera memory cards, or mp3 player, and even by viruses. Above all it is portable i.e. you can run it from USB device. It works for both NTFS and FAT file systems. This program is highly recommended by technolaziness.

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