Jan 7, 2008

Now Try phone without buying

The article is about accessing mobile phone's display screen virtually. One of the problem before buying a new cell phone is actually getting your hands on one before you buy it. Sometimes even a decent phone review is not enough to help you make a very educated purchase decision given the overwhelming variety of handsets available in the market. You still want to explore its features and see for yourself. Tryphone, a new service (still in beta) solves the problem to some extent. It gives you that satisfaction less the annoying sales person and pressure.

With Tryphone you can punch keys, access menus, even take the camera for a spin. You can also watch demos on how to set ringtones, access voicemails and change wallpapers. It also compiles user reviews, specifications, and demos of different features in your chosen handset model.This idea is a big help for many confused mobile consumers out there.

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