Jan 11, 2008

Fastest and simplest way for temporary image hosting

How many times have you felt the need to make an image available temporarily while you need to troubleshoot your computer or you need to post a screen-shot instantly or for various other purposes. Many discussion forums do not let you upload images.

Tinypic is a free image hosting service that lets you upload the videos as well. The service requires no registration. Popular image formats like jpg, png, gif and tif are supported. Upload is fast and simple. It's very reliable and don't think if i ever have had a broken link. After upload, you are provided with the url of image. This url can be shared with peers.


  1. how is that temporary? the file stays there 'forever'

    temporary storage would be somewhere that would automatically delete it in a few days or a week.

    got one of those?

  2. Thanks for feedback

    Images and videos that are not associated with an account at Tinypic are kept until they have not been viewed for 90 days. Or, if you signup with them, you can delete the uploaded media anytime. TERMS OF USE


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